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Universal Public School, Deoria is under the religious jurisdiction of Deoria. And directly governed by Sitaram Sarraf Society which is a registered Society under the Society Registration Act 1960 for co-education through english medium. Being governed by Sitaram Sarraf Society the school has the primary objective of educating the children of community. However we shall not spare any efforts in rendering our service to all people irrespective of caste and creed. So as to conserve their religious language and culture. It came into existence on 13th march 2011 in response to long left need for such an instituition and by the request of the people of Deoria.

Award and Recognition

We provide award and recognition to meritoriuos students to encourage them to continue their effort of gaining excellence..

Smart Classes

To enhance the teaching-learning process and to develop the potentialities of the students, the school provides 'Smart Class'.

Computer Training

We provide Computer classes to facilitate kids with knowledge and expertise in Computers.

Experienced Teachers

The school has well qualified and experienced teachers. All the teachers are specialized in their respective subjects.

Ushering in the change

The Universal Public School strives for the very highest academic standards but does not do so at the expense of a balanced education. Whilst academic excellence is the goal. It is recognized that the true quest is to realize potential. The many clubs and activities offered cater for all ranges of ability, Every pupil is expected to take part in leisure time activities which foster initiative and self-reliance, as well as developing interest that may fast for the rest of their lives.There is a large number of clubs and societies in all section of the school that offer avenues from music (vocal and instrumental), Dance (classical and modern), Creative arts (Pottery, sculpture, painting craft, carpentry), Sports (*Riffle shooting, Basketball, Skating, badminton).